Iliyana Ilieva

Iliyana Ilieva

My name is Iliyana Ilieva-Ilie. I was born in 08.09.1974 and I am currently living in France.I am a child of an artist. My feelings about the World are still more colorful, more elusive and very emotional since I was a small girl! With father, who is an artist and a mother, who has a finesse of the beauty, I had a great childhood with playgames and laughter, full of love and warmth!

I start living alone, away from my parents too early in my life. I now live in Dijon-France where I was able to framed my moral values, my faith and vision of the beauty, which have been already set from my parents! I have always been a rebellion, never stop fighting with windmills, but when I discovered the photography in my life, I completely found myself and my sense of life! I never give up drawing.

I prefer to make the oil painting first and after that I try to find a development about the topic, through the photo camera. Actually, in my opinion, the drawing with a brush or light is the same thing. The most important is to catch the moment, emotion and mood of the audience! I’m interested in photography since the end of 2008. After my surprising participation in the National Geographic’s competition, I completely put myself in the World of photography!

I have a number of participations in co-exhibitions and my first independent exhibition of course – « Freckles ». Welcome to my world! I hope the emotion and the beauty seen through my eyes, to touch you and make yourself to come back to it!


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